Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Thoughts of a Soon-to-be Graduate...

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So, I finished the very last of the stuff I have to do in order to graduate tonight. (Ok, I have to turn in my take-home final, but then that's it.) I can't believe I'm done. I've really been in denial about it all, but it's kind of setting in now. I think it will hit me a lot harder on Saturday when I get handed my degree... case. Anyway, I'm crazy-tired from not sleeping last night and cranking out a 10 page paper today in a matter of about 4 hours. It wasn't pretty, and I'm not really pretty right now either. (Just go back to the picture of me after writing my senior thesis to get an idea of what I look like right now.) Lucky, lucky you. You get to read some of my RANDOM thoughts. (Plus I've thrown in some random dog picture.... k, see ya... except I'm not leaving.)

1. Being a nerd myself, I enjoy when I spot people doing nerdly things. The other day in the library I walked past two library employees having a race to see who could check in their stack of books the fastest. It was entertaining whilst I walked by.

2. If I were to be searching for a job that I could get with a history degree right now... pretty sure there's NOTHING I could use it for. I can't teach because I don't have a certificate, and pretty much any historian-type jobs require further schooling. Lame sauce. Good thing a JD could possibly get me a job.

3. "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by Camper Van Beethoven is an incredible song. Everyone should love it. I heard it in the store the other day and it cheered me up. I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW!

4. I think the Jazz are capable of going to 7 games with the Lakers, but I really don't think they'll beat the Lakers at home at all. Sad day.

5. Jerry Sloan talks like there's something in his mouth. I can never fathom how the players could possibly understand him when they're in the NBA's loudest arena.

6. I win. (Spencer knows what I mean.)

7. Speaking of Spencer, he's currently killing me in our friendly roommate rivalry. (See side bar.)

8. I hate packing. I have to do that soon. Ugh.

9. Hmm... I'm leaving Logan soon, and I'm not so sure that I'm devastated about that. There was snow on the ground again today. It's freaking May 6th! STOP SNOWING ALREADY!

10. For some reason this is my lucky number.

Lucky for you, I'm quitting now.

K, bye.


  1. You're graduating!!! Yay! Sorry that I can't make it to the actual ceremony.

    Of course, the big celebration will take place at IHOP when you get back. ;-)

  2. Haha, partyin' like old folk.

    Thanks Jules!

    Oh, really, no worries on missing my gradiation, they're always boring, plus, I missed yours. So we're even. :)