Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They don't call it hunting because it doesn't require an actual hunt. Mike Lee?

I hate job-hunting. It isn't very fun. I am struggling to even get interviews at the places that I didn't want to apply. (Pizza Hut?) I don't know why people aren't calling me for interviews. Shouldn't this be so much easier now that I'm a "college graduate?"

The good news though, is that I have found someone to let me work for them... for free. Mike Lee's campaign has brought me on as an intern. I'm really excited. It's funny... I am not normally a big fan of politicians, but I like getting involved in politics. When I volunteered for Mitt Romney's campaign, I had a blast. (Despite the couple making out on the bus in front of me, that was horrifying.) I will be working at Mike's campaign office around whatever hours required at the job I'll be picking up as soon as possible. I'm hoping to get the job I just finished applying for as it sounds like a blast. Basically it sounds like doing what I'm doing this second, only about topics unrelated to me, and quite a bit more boring. However, it seems like a really fun company. Pray for me. Or if that isn't your thing you can wish me luck, kick a cat, or do whatever superstitious thing you do when you know a fellow that needs a job!

Uh, k, bye.

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