Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No words... but this is definitely a good distraction from homework...

Yeah, I just saw this on Facebook and hit play.  I had to watch it a few times........ it's hard to look away, and yet it weirds me out SO much.   Uh... enjoy!

The problem is definitely NOT too much hair that needs to be removed!

K, see ya.


  1. That is not just a chubby baby... something is seriously wrong with that child? How did you get the facebook like thing on your posts?! I'm intrigued! I'm going to "like" and see what happens. Even though I don't like this... at all. It's pr-e-tty horrifying.

  2. How does it know it's me? What the? I don't like my full name being on blogger... I don't know why. Nothing happened though - is it supposed to show up on facebook?

  3. Ok. That weirds me out, and I have kids.

  4. Eeeew. That's the stuff of nightmares.

    No offense, baby.