Monday, March 30, 2009

Abondoned Gregory...

Well, here I am in Logan finally. I got home about an hour ago, but I left from American Fork about 6 hours ago! It was quite the journey. The weather was completely fine up through to Salt Lake. Then when I got to Davis County it started snowing. Then I hit this point where suddenly the snow was sticking and it was a slippery mess! Gregory's tires are also VERY bald. (For those of you who are wondering, Gregory is my Nissan Sentra's name... I decided a fuel-efficient and small car needed a good nerdy name. No offense to any random Gregories that stop by my blog.) So I was driving WAY slower than the rest of the freeway traffic, but sliding a lot more, too. Then I passed a few people that had slid off the side, and then a couple more who'd gotten into accidents... that was enough for me... especially when the snowy/rainy/icy sludge stuff was also obstructing my view pretty badly. I pulled off of the first exit I could see, and I had no idea where I was. But as I slid my way into a "Famous Dave's" restaurant parking lot I saw the "Layton Clinic" across the street. So I called my friend Kelsie who's from Layton and she was awesome and tried to guide me to her parent's house. I couldn't quite make it up the hills to her place without being too dangerous, so I ended up a few blocks from her house on the side of the road. Meanwhile, Spencer left Logan with his girlfriend Katie to come pick me up. They're champs! Also, Kelsie's parents took me to their house so I didn't have to just sit in my car to wait. And they're going to move my car when the snow clears. I owe a big fat thanks to all of my helpers tonight! I'm glad I stopped though... If I'd tried to keep going it would have surely ended badly or at least not as well or as soon as it has. Anyway, there's my random adventure for Sunday evening. That's how Gregory got abandoned in Layton while I'm in Logan.

Well, I'm going to try to study a bit for my Spanish test before I fall asleep. Seeyalatabye.

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