Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poor Larry...

My Macbook's hard drive is apparently dead. Ugh. That's not great news. It's not TOO devastating, but I lost my Chinese History and Urban American History notes, a month's worth of journal entries (I'm sure they were stellar), and possibly some music. I took it in to get fixed today, and Skyler says I can get it back tomorrow. With all the problems I've had with buying a refurbished computer, I'm NEVER doing it again. I'll just fork over the extra hundies next time... well, I'll convince my mom to fork them over anyway. I think that's why I'm not torn apart by Larry being dead. I'm REALLY lucky to have the laptop in the first place. My mom bought it for me. She's a great gal.
For those of you (of my millions of readers) who are concerned for my well-being, yes, I still have this stupid canker sore.
I'm tired. Work has gone by really slowly tonight, and I still have to prepare my Spanish presentation for tomorrow. But enough whining.

I won 4 of 7 games of racquetball with Spence today... cool, huh? Ok... I'm stretching to put anything on here. Apparently I don't have anything to write about tonight. Well, I could go on and on about the NCAA tournament, but maybe I'll save that entry for another day, especially because my Aggies play tomorrow.

Well, adios.

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