Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Volume 5, Issue 2

Introducing the new revolutionary 24-Hour HEALTHNUT CLOCK! Do you need little reminders to eat right? Have you found your diet slipping away? Have you been so stressed that you forget to eat? Well, The 24-Hour Healthnut Clock is your answer to all these questions, and more! The Healthnut reminds you to get all your meals in, and get them in healthy fashion as well! You'll be in tremendous shape in no time! Start your day off with a fiber bar PACKED with protein. Move on to a complete balanced breakfast. If you're REALLY a health nut you'll even force down a heavy dosage of healthy fruit to chase your breakfast. Can't you see how this system could work for you already?! At 15 o'clock you'll find a fine lunch followed by a revitalizing snack to tide you over until dinner. Your dinner-reminder's main course will give your body ALL the essential vitamins and minerals it craves. This system even allows a lite dessert! (Watch out though, it will give you extra vitamins!) And the Healthnut Clock system even reminds you to get in that late-night snack before your complete night's rest! With Healthnut there's nothing to fret over! WE GUARANTEE YOU TO SEE A CHANGE ON THE SCALE, OR YOUR CLOCK IS FREE! Call now! 1-800-HLTHNUT *We also deliver to Mexico, ask for the Spanish version: <<¡EL RELOJ LOCO PARA ADICTOS DE AZÚCAR!>>

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