Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music Advice?

Occasionally people ask me for advice on what newer music they might like. I've decided to assemble a list of great albums that I've discovered from various artists that will serve as decent starting points for those of you looking to broaden your musical horizons. I'll try to separate them into genre-ish categories. Really they all fit into multiple categories depending on the song, but hopefully this helps a bit.

For those of you that are into more poppy/upbeat stuff you may enjoy:

The Republic Tigers' album "Keep Color." --I especially enjoy "Buildings and Mountains"

Gomez's album "How We Operate" -- This is a very eclectic gathering of songs. I particularly like "Cry On Demand," "How We Operate," and "See the World."

For those of you that are into pretty straightforward simple, yet great, rock music you may like to start with:

Carbon Leaf's "Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat." -- I REALLY like "War Was In Color," the title track, and I also quite like "Bright Lights."

I especially recommend
Travis's "Boy With No Name" album. It's awesome! Greats include: "My Eyes," "Big Chair," "Selfish Jean," "Closer," "Three Times and You Lose," ETC.

Nada Surf's "Lucky" or older albums like "The Weight Is a Gift": Check out songs like "See These Bones," "Concrete Bed," "Always Love," "Ice on the Wing," etc.

If you like REALLY mellow music you should check these out:

Local act The Mollies have an album called "Yours Around the Rosies." It's some really chill stuff with two female voices. It's great for background/going to sleep/ chillin' music.

I really love Matt Pond PA, and I quite like their album "Several Arrows Later." They use a lot of strings and orchestration mixed into their rock. It's chill, it's great.

For those of you that like interesting/weird stuff, indie, miscellaneous stuff check out:

Ratatat's electro-rock instrumental album "Classics." I especially like "Lex" and "Wildcat."

The Decemberists' "Crane Wife" album is definitely not to be missed. Songs: "The Crane Wife 1 & 2" "3" and check out "O Valencia!"

Sea Wolf's album "Leaves in the River" is different, but great. Check it out if you're into not-so-typical stuff. Favorites: "You're A Wolf," "The Cold, the Dark, and the Silence," and "Winter Windows."

I don't know if this list is at all helpful, but if I help anyone find a new band then I've done my job. Listen away! Ask if you need more advice, and let me know if these were way off your taste, because I may still yet have something for you.

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