Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belated Wednesday Thoughts...

Who knows why I didn't pause from the job-search and no-homework night that I had last night and write the ALL-IMPORTANT WEDNESDAY THOUGHTS, but I didn't. Here to make up for my blunder are 3 belated Wednesday Thoughts...

I think I can actually do it! I've had my doubts off and on about whether I'd be able to hack law school, the LSAT... all of it. It's kind of a scary thing. However, I've finally realized that it's just more school! I know school! I know how to find a way to succeed in school! Ok, for those of you saying, "This is different, it's law school," I fully realize that, but I figure if Keith Barton can do it, so can I! I was looking at last year's class accepted to BYU LAW and I'd fit into the above average category on GPA. Anyway, I've finally decided that it's not something I hope to survive, I hope that when I survive I survive with flying colors!

I think I'm a great artist.

My good pal Amelia recently discovered this WONDERFUL piece of art in an old notebook of hers. I can't shake the feeling that whoever drew this back in 2004 went on to become a world-renowned artist/millionaire. Ok, actually I drew this. I honestly have no idea what it was about. I think there must have been some inside joke surrounding the "ladywooingariffic" qualities of the gentleman above, who is apparently me? Also apparent are the facts that my daddy can beat up your daddy, and I'm good at streetball. Possibly I'm a terrorist what with the bomb in my hand? You decide what to do with this. Mock, laugh, dismiss. Whatever!

I really do enjoy making idiotic movies. Though my KAVE TV days are long over, I still enjoy making completely random movies for my classes when I get those assignments. I think it's fun. The following doesn't represent my finest piece to be sure, but I still had a lot of fun making it. ENJOY ¡ESPOSAS POR CORREO!

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  1. Um, there are no words...really. You and whomever the mustached-lady/man is have serious problems.