Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm convinced there's global cooling going on! This morning here in Logan the weather didn't seem so bad. Now... tell me if I'm wrong, but usually it seems like the weather gets warmer throughout the day... no? Like normally the morning is coldest, around noon it's a bit warmer, and in the afternoon it's warmest. It was warm this morning, a bit cooler at noon, and then the afternoon was COLD! OK, for those of you (weather nerds) like Spencer who see a fault in my logic ("Jeff, it's just a cold front moving in,") you can just be quiet. It's global cooling! Either way, this sho' ain't spring.

Lost is the best TV show I've ever seen. It's got a little of everything I could want in a TV show. First of all, it's high quality. While the special effects aren't always movie quality, it genuinely feels like a movie the majority of the time. It has tons of mystery. It has the required dosage of drama. It can make you laugh. I confess I have semi-teared up on at least one occasion, and it's very cerebral. But if you aren't into cerebral, you don't have to think if you don't want to. It's got something for everyone. It is officially my favorite TV show ever.

Self-checkout further isolates members of society from one another.
It seems to me that in the average person's day the only stranger they may be forced to talk to is the cashier at their local grocer or at other stores. As if texting and social networking sites hadn't isolated us enough, we now don't even talk to cashiers! We have self-checkout! I wonder if we'll get to the point where you will be a bizare and strange individual if you even speak to anyone other than family and the closest of friends. It seems we may be on that path. Or I might just be overanalyzing self-checkout so that I have something to fill in for this the third and final wEDNESDAY tHOUGHT for today. You decide.

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