Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's File-Diving Adventure:

So, I was thinking that I like doing a Wednesday Thoughts every Wednesday. I decided that I need to start another weekly event. This time I decided that I would dig through all my old files from yesteryears and let you read them. For our first "File-Diving Adventure" I have a one-page quick-write that I wrote my senior year of high school. We had to base it on a statement made by a fellow class member. You lucky reader, here ya go:
Jeff Ricks

“Ignorance is bliss, or mandatory in some cases.”
Sandy Schaefer’s quote, “Ignorance is bliss, or mandatory in some cases,” is an interesting addition to a very popular cliché. I wouldn’t say that it’s extremely profound, but it is applicable to some of life’s situations. There are times that ignorance would be considered mandatory. There are questions that we ask others in order to gauge their opinions, but sometimes they just have to leave us in the dark.
The instance that best validates Schaefer’s opinion are when questions like, “Do I look good today?' are asked. Often even the worst looking people in the world will receive a positive answer to this question. It’s required that we simply leave things be every so often. If there is something that a person just can’t change, then I think it’s better to simply make them feel better about it. Would you ask a zebra to change its stripes?
There are times when Schaefer’s words are applicable, but they don’t necessarily stir any great life changing epiphanies to me. You can’t always fill everyone in about everything. But that’s something that we learn as children. Kids will often inadvertently insult people by stating the truth. My niece recently told me I had a funny haircut. Not to say that hurt me, but I could definitely see someone becoming upset by that. Perhaps this quote is most valuable for reviewing a lesson we all may have forgotten.
So, there ya go! There's a bit of Jeff-Thought from high school. Hopefully future reads will be even more interesting. :)

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