Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, wow... I'm SO glad I live where I do...

Can I just say that I'm REALLY grateful for American hospitals and medical technology? How crazy is this... apparently some lady in Albania had a bullet in her cheek for 12 YEARS that she didn't know was in there. The doctor had told her that it had come out when she was shot in her sleep. Here's an excerpt from the article on BBC News:

"An Albanian woman shot in her sleep in 1997 lived for 12 years with a bullet lodged in her cheek without knowing it until it showed up on an X-ray.

Mrike Rrucaj was injured while lying in bed at a time of civil strife in Albania in 1997.

But doctors told her the bullet passed straight through her cheek and simply patched up her wound.

The truth was discovered a week ago when she collapsed in pain, and the 2.8cm-long bullet was eventually found."

Not only am I blessed for living in a country where I can get the best medical attention possible, but I'm also blessed to live in a country where I don't run a high risk of being a victim of violence in the first place.

While I'm on this subject... I was at work the other night thinking about what a blessing my job is. Sure I'm making pretty close to minimum wage and can only work a few hours a week, but according to a report by The Independent Institute an average hourly wage that "compare[s] favorably with the average standard of living" in Bangladesh is 13¢ an hour! They have difficult sweatshop-labor jobs, too. I just have to answer questions, swipe cards, and grab printouts a few times an hour. It would take a person in Bangladesh about 57 hours of tough monotonous labor to earn what I get in an HOUR! I hope I remember this the second I think to ever complain about my pay, hours, or how boring my job is.

Anyway, just reminders of blessings I should count every day. K... see ya.

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