Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts (Smoking rant included)

It should probably stop snowing now. I know that I said last Wednesday that I was actually glad it was snowing... but I'm done being glad. I want my car back! It's still stuck in Layton. I'm quite tired of the snow, and I still have spring fever anyway, so bring back the good weather so I can at least be warm while I'm distracted.

Land-lines seem old. It's funny how land-line telephones seem REALLY REALLY out-dated to me. I think kids may start to look at them the same way my dad looked at his first cell phone. It's funny how quickly technology can change your perspective on things.

If we paid people to quit smoking I wonder if we'd save more people from cancer than we have from funding cancer research. I'm not actually suggesting we do this, but this was the thought I had as I just walked to work. I saw a couple that were both smoking and just as they passed me I heard part of one of their sentences. I heard, "...doing research with the Huntsman Cancer Institute..." It really irked me that someone could care enough about cancer to be talking about it, and yet could be sticking a cancer-stick in their mouths! According to the National Cancer Institute,
"Cigarette smoking alone is directly responsible for approximately 30 percent of all cancer deaths annually in the United States." This would mean that of the 559,312 cancer-related deaths in 2008, about 167,793 of them could have been prevented by people quitting smoking. Stop smoking!

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