Sunday, April 19, 2009

Randomness and Not-So-Deep Thoughts

English Muffins: The Good: I really quite like them when it comes to McDonald's Egg McMuffins. (Mmm... Sausage Egg McMuffins...)
The Bad: My mom bought some store brand English Muffins that tasted TERRIBLE and I've never been able to eat one again. (Aside from above-mentioned mmm-ness.)
The Funny: My old dog Cirrus used to LOVE bread. We'd give it to her all the time. When my mom bought the nasty English Muffins I tried to give Cirrus one. Instead of wolfing it down very quickly (she did EVERYTHING really fast) she went to the corner of the room and tried to bury it in the carpet.
She was a very special dog.

"The Stares:" The other day I said that I had "the stares" and someone told me they'd never heard it called that before. That quite surprised me. I've called it that my whole life. I get "the stares" practically anytime I'm tired (which is a majority of my life) and they can sometimes create fairly awkward situations. One time I got them at church and I was staring at a wall and thinking about something else. (Why would I be thinking about a wall?) Anyway, about .02° off of where I was staring was a girl that I had dated for a while and was no longer dating. When I snapped out of my glazed-over state, I saw that she was staring at me with an confused look on her face thinking that I was staring at her. Oops. Those darn stares.

The Stairs: Everytime I walk up the stairs to my apartment I can feel racquetball. It's apparently murder on my knees. This contributes to me feeling like an 80 year old man. Along with watching Game Show Network and CNN all the time. I probably have seen more commercials for power-chairs and AARP than any of my peers.

Water: I want a drink of water. The end. K, bye.

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