Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts... Yup. This is happening.

Despite all the crap I have to do, I still want to waste time. Yeah, I still wanted to write in here despite how busy I should be. I have a paper and a presentation due tomorrow, another paper due the next day, and a paper and a final on Monday. Then I get to do another final on Tuesday, followed by a break with my last final on Thursday. I'll also pack up and leave on Thursday and will then be doing wedding stuff for Anthony's wedding all day Friday. Fun stuff! This will be a great week and a half. Again, I'm not starting on any of this yet, I'm just writing about it. No idea why. Sometimes I just can't start something until it's crunch-time.

There's an evil laundry conspiracy all around college campuses. I'm convinced that all the apartment managers with laundry rooms in their apartment complexes and the nearby laundromats collude together to

gyp what little money we have out of us when we do our laundry. NO DRYERS EVER WORK! Fortunately my complex has ONE dryer that actually does what it's supposed to do. EVERY LAST OTHER DRYER I'VE USED WITHIN A 1 MILE RADIUS OF USU HAS NOT WORKED! Right now I have to put on wet socks every morning because I refuse to spend any more of my quarters on this evil ploy! Grumble.

I like life. I enjoy living. It's good. Dying doesn't sound great yet. I'm ok with still living. Ok, bye.

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  1. this is happening.

    use that on a date sometime and then let me know how it goes.