Sunday, August 23, 2009

So. I'm here. I'm kinda moved in. Yup.

One of my new roommates is blasting the ugliest song I have ever heard. It's obNOXIOUS! Well, here I am, just sitting on my bed. The very end of my bed. All my stuff is piled on top of it. It's kinda uncomfortable. I got here yesterday and discovered that the person who had been in this room before, hadn't really moved out. He just barely got back and started moving his stuff now. I understand why it all happened so I'm not upset with him or anything, however, it is kind of frustrating when you expect to have an empty room to move your stuff into, and you find that it's full of someone else's stuff.
Anyway, I'm feeling really weird that school starts tomorrow. I'm not really ready for it. I mean I'm just not mentally in the right mindset yet. I'll get there, or at least I had better hurry and get there.
I don't really have too much to say. Everyone here seems really nice. Only one of my roommates seems kind of not cool, but that's just first impressions, ya know. We'll see. One thing about my new roommates is that I definitely think I won't really fit in with their attitudes about social things. We'll see. I don't really care. I just want to get through this last year of my undergrad.
Well, I feel like napping about now.
Hmm... lame entry... how about some random bullets:
  • Obnoxious music doesn't get any better with increased volume.
  • Grundle is a weird, weird word.
  • I want to go fly fishing again.
  • I like my ward. They seem cool.
  • I once listened to a rapper named MC Dangermouth. He made me laugh. (Unfortunately it was at him, not with him.)
  • Ahh, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir just came on. MUCH better than whatever the crap he was just listening to.
  • Dinosaurs?
  • I seem to enjoy the phrase "tuckered out" lately.
  • Nappy time.

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