Friday, August 21, 2009

Utah State University starts school on Monday... OH! THAT INCLUDES ME!!!

Do you know what you see here to the left of this text? HARDCORE DENIAL! (And an example of my uncanny photogenic nature.) I really have been in denial that I'm moving to Logan tomorrow... oh... well it's past midnight. I guess I'm moving to Logan today. Whatever, anyway, I think some great evidence about this denial is that I haven't even mentioned that I'm going back to school on this blog. And I'm usually scraping the bottom of my idea barrel for crap to write on here. So... yes. I have school on Monday. There. I said it. ARE YOU HAPPY!!!?
I hope that I can get everything figured out and that I don't forget to do stuff. Forgetting things really is not great. I have a lot to do, too. My mom offered to take me to Costco to buy food n' stuff. She's a kind gal. I have issues with Costco though. I think that Costco has successfully duped thousands of moms into thinking that they're somehow saving money on all those vats and massive crates of products. (Or twin packs, those seem common.) I watched as we purchased not any great number of various types of products, but paid an UNHEALTHY amount for one cart of groceries. I asked my mom if she always spends that much, and she said, "Yeah, well... it's probably usually more." I can't believe this Costco place! The reason I think it is one big fat ripoff is that I watch my mom buy so many things in bulk, ESPECIALLY PRODUCE, and she ends up throwing half or even more of it away when it rots because the three occupants of this household just couldn't consume all of it. It drives me crazy. Oh well, it's her money. Not mine. Thanks again Mom for the food! (I made sure to try and purchase stuff that I'll actually use in its entirety.)
(Remember how my denial just kicked in again and I forgot that I'm supposed to be writing something about how I'm going to start being motivated right now to hurry and figure out everything I need to accomplish before going to Logan... yeah... well... I forgot that.)

I feel like this entry has crashed and burned. Abandoned

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