Monday, August 31, 2009

Procrastination? Really?! Already?!!

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I feel like it's WAY too early in the semester for me to already feel like procrastinating on my homework, but alas. I have homework due tomorrow/today because it's so late. It's not even half-done yet. Hmm... this should be becoming remedied, but no... here I am wasting more time in stupid cyberspace. I think I'm ready for a really long break from the internet, but the sad thing is that I work for the computer labs on campus and I'm going to need to use it there. I couldn't take a complete break if I tried.

I miss Gandolfo's.

I have nothing special to write about except to say that it's funny how just as you are figuring out one part of your life, the part you had previously had figured out goes to pot. In other words, life is a balance, and I'm feeling like I'm swinging pretty violently from one side to the other. Is this even making sense? I know what I mean, and I guess since I'm about the only person that reads this blog except for the hundreds of people searching for my entry on the stupid Chevy Volt commercial and the dozens searching for lists of funny songs, that's good enough.

Cool picture up above, eh?

I really am liking the social life side of my life right now. It's good. It's where I want it to be. Dating will pretty much always continue to be a struggle, but whatever. Then there's school. I'm just having a hard time being as motivated as I usually am at the beginning of a new school year. That's lame. I think I need to start over and pretend that tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm wicked-jazzed that it's happening.

I have my first day of school tomorrow! Woohoo!

K, see ya.

Lame. Entry. Bye.

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