Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weird commercial with 23 and a plug?

UGH! I've seen this commercial multiple times on Hulu and it's driving me nuts. It's one of those commercials that tries to get you interested by never telling you what the heck it's advertising! I HATE that!

But of course it's killing me to find out what it is. I've searched around on the internet for it, and I can't find it at all. It looks like this:

First the commercial shows a green background and an outlet. It then shows the 23 and the plug smiles about the 23. Then the 8-11 comes in, something I can only assume means August 11th. I really don't want to wait until then to find out though.

If you have ANY idea what this commercial is... please... put my mind at ease and tell me what the heck it all means!

Update: I clicked on the ad, and it takes you to a lame page that basically asks the same question I'm asking now: "whatis230?" So apparently the outlet is supposed to be a zero. That's all that I've learned. There's also a link to Twitter to discuss. I HATE when they do this! Just tell me what it is, you dorks!

Update Update: There's a bunch of speculation about this stupid thing. Some say that it's any of a variety of environmental, electrical, or electronic products. I heard that Nikon was revealing some new camera, maybe it's them. I've heard that the website the ad took me to was owned by a company that works with Apple, so maybe its one of their products. Whatever. I don't even care anymore.

Update Update Update: I totally still care. That last update was kind of a lie. Anyway I just found this at "VW has been talking for a long time about their L1 concept, so called because it uses a measly 1 liter of gasoline to go 100 km. For us Americans, that translates to about 230 miles per gallon. Of course, the amazing mileage comes at a price. The car is tiny, more of a tobaggon than a car. The single passenger actually sits behind the driver, like in a small airplane."
Hmm... perhaps it's actually VW that's behind all of this? German advertising can be pretty crazy. Other speculation says that it will be the Chevy Volt, but from info I see, that won't get quite 230 mpg. Anyway, we'll see.

THE FINAL UPDATE: The following link is all you need to know basically. GM is behind it, which makes it almost certain that it's all about the new Chevy Volt. GM has admitted they're behind the ad campaign, but they also have yet to say anything about what it is. Just go here:


  1. Thanks for the info. Currently I'm leaning towards the car that gets 230 mpg, just because I think that sounds like a pretty amazing thing to be marketing nation-wide. Anyway, whatever it is, I hate this method of advertising, because I'm the sort of person that it's totally effective for. Jerks.

  2. a gallon of gas does not have the energy to propel even the lightest weight car more than 40 or 50 miles. The amount of stored chemical energy is not nearly enough to do something like 230 mpg. it is chemically impossible without additional sources of energy involved.

  3. Yes Jon, but you're forgetting that a liter is smaller than a gallon, and so the math balances back out to around the same as 230 mpg. :)