Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Week Ends When I Say It Does!

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Ok, as much as I know that there aren't really instances where having a dictator is a good thing, sometimes I think there would be some interesting elements of being a dictator that would be kinda fun. For instance, you could play with time. For example, I like Fridays a lot, and Saturdays never really live up to my expectations, I'd rename Saturday. It would instead be called, "Friday 2: The Sequel." Wouldn't that be so much better?! Don't answer that. I make the decisions in Rand-o-mania!! (shouted in some sort of Eastern European accent) Heck, I could also make the weekend longer. Or I could just make Wednesday a non-working day, too. Nice, right? DON'T question my policies or you'll be subject to the wrath of Rand-o-mania law! Hmm... or I could maximize the labor of my subjects by taking weekends away entirely.

Anyway, good thing Rand-o-mania isn't a real country.

The reason I bring this all up is because Algeria is apparently moving their weekend for the second time in the last half-century. They did have a Thursday-Friday weekend to try not to be like the west after they achieved independence. Now they're giving into business demands and changing it back to a Friday-Saturday weekend. See? They get to just move things wherever they want! Fun stuff... if you don't mind living under a soul-crushing dictatorial rule.

Hmmm... k, see ya!

7 Random Bullets:
  • Vermont: $5
  • (Announcer Voice): "Welcome to TerrrGisS! With... Tracky Jon-jon and... Jimmy Mooh..." (30 Rock, I love it.)
  • "Too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep." ---"See These Bones" by Nada Surf
  • I hear from a highly reliable source that Hannie Montanie is the real name of Miley Cyrus's cousin!
  • I introduced myself as Thad today. I'm not Thad.
  • I ate a gram of trans fat the other day, am I going to die?
  • Like it or lump it.

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