Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are the NBA Refs No-Calling the Denver Nuggets Out of the Playoffs?

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ESPN's John Hollinger has speculated that the Denver Nuggets are getting unfair refereeing under current replacement head coach, Adrian Dantley. While George Karl was the head coach, apparently the Nuggets had statistics far and away above other teams when it came to opportunities at the free throw line. However, Hollinger has discovered significantly decreased free throw opportunities since George Karl left, and has suggested that the Utah Jazz have had a marked increase in their opportunities at the charity stripe over the Denver-Utah series. Is it true?

I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me if the fact that Adrian Dantley, who seemingly never challenges calls, took over as head coach and has made a clear difference for the Denver Nuggets that is negatively effecting their free throw opportunity stats. Perhaps something about his coaching is decreasing the chances at the line, or any of a myriad of other variables, aside from unfair reffing. (Hollinger hasn't claimed that NO other variables could be true, but he infers that unfair reffing is the most likely cause.) As for the Jazz's apparent increase in opportunities... well, maybe they're just playing more aggressive?

The fact is, the Jazz are winning. I don't just mean that they're getting W's marked to their records, I mean that they are playing much better than the Nuggets and are earning wins.

How are we supposed to react to all of this? Hmm... well, since it isn't negatively effecting my team at the moment... I say ENJOY THE SHOW! Let's face it. The NBA isn't a bastion of ethics, justice and fairness. It's an entertainment basketball league. One that should have some good solid rules and should maintain a semblance of decorum, but it's about the entertainment when it all comes down to it. It's set up to make money, and to entertain people. We shouldn't get all worked up about how much the reffing is biased, how the league favors big-market teams, and how the the Utah Jazz are getting an unfair advantage. In fact, shut up John Hollinger, if the Utah Jazz have an advantage, leave them be! No, I don't mean that entirely. If the Jazz were on the Nuggets side of this debate that Hollinger has started, I would be totally on his side... I must admit that. But, really, it's just an entertainment league. Now, if the Olympics, NCAA tournament, or other more official organization that aren't necessarily just in it for the money (Ok, NCAA and the Olympics want money, but you understand what I mean, right?)were having such statistical imbalances that seem shady, I'd be all about investigating and making appropriate changes.

Anyway, I plan on just enjoying the show tonight when I get off of work. Can't wait for the Jazz to prove they deserve this series fair and square. GO JAZZ!

Enjoy the show!

K, see ya.

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  1. Hahaha, yeah, somehow I can't see AD holding on to this job. Just a hunch.