Monday, April 19, 2010

The NBA Playoffs...

See this dude in this here picture? It's pretty much been since he was around that I have paid any close attention to the NBA. In January of this year, the Utah Jazz really started to pick things up and I became a fan again. I haven't watched this many Jazz games for at least 6 years. (I'm guessing more though.)
The Jazz were really hot in the middle of the winter. They beat just about every good team in the league at least once. They proved that they could really go deep in the playoffs. Then things kinda started looking shaky, and I sensed yet another end-of-the-season let-down from the Jazz. They ended up in that huge four-way battle for seeding in the playoff tournament. Everything was all set up for us to beat Phoenix at home and get paired with the Trailblazers who we swept in the regular season. Lo and behold... Phoenix beat us and took the #3 seed. Who do we get paired with? Denver. Ugh. And we lost home-court advantage. Ugh again. It's seriously already looking like this will be a familiar disappointment.

It all just makes me so upset that the Jazz had to have their very best years when the dude in said photo above had to be around! WHY?! Ugh.

Oh well. That's sports for you.

I'll probably be watching this series against Denver anyway.

K, bye.

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