Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earthquake in Logan, UT... It's the first one I've ever felt!

Logan, Utah In Fall
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There was an earthquake here about a half hour ago. I was in Old Main up on campus and was waiting for a study session to start. A couple girls in my class and I were talking when I felt like I was a bit dizzy for a second, but it lasted for about 10 seconds and we all realized that it was an earthquake. It's so weird when you have moments like that that remind you how small you are! It was really small and some other people that showed up later hadn't felt it while they were driving or walking to campus.

But now I can say I've felt one!

I just checked with USGS and it was at 5:59 PM MST, it was a 4.9 magnitude at the epicenter! That's bigger than I thought. The epicenter was quite a ways from Logan though.  45 km away from Logan, but the USGS had the most responses from Logan, so I think it was strongest here.  (EDIT:  It was strongest near Randolph, but I think as far as bigger cities, I think it was felt most here.  I had many friends that were busy and didn't feel it though.)

Cool, see ya later!

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