Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I know that I (quite possibly too) frequently sing the praises of ABC's Lost.  It's just that I've never enjoyed a television show nearly as thoroughly as I enjoy this one.  I'm not saying it's perfect, or that it's the best show for everyone in the world to watch, but I will say that for my entertainment preferences, it's definitely the highest scorer I think I'll ever see.  The latest episode was outstanding, and really made me think.  I like when television actually makes my brain move at all.  Lost= A television show like no other, that I highly recommend.

Enough of that.

I've got a cold again.  Not sure how excited I am about being sick for the third time this semester and what feels like the two-hundredth time in the past 12 months or so.  I may or may not  most certainly definitely absolutely could be eating unhealthy.  That might be contributing.  And I don't have other generally healthy habits either.  For instance, I all too frequently go without very much sleep to get homework or other things done, and then tank hardcore the next day.  It's not the best system.  It's not surprising that I have been sick so much with my eating and sleeping habits the way they are, but it is still frustrating.  I guess I am just getting my due comeuppance.

Um... I promise a much more interesting entry... soon.

K, see ya.

(Sometimes I like to pretend that lots and lots of people read every post on my blog, instead of just a handful that do that and a bunch that search for "funny songs list" and discover one post on my blog and leave.)

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  1. I read every single post! And not that it'll help the unhealthy eating, but I'm still waiting for a post about how incredible you think the pizza is from The Factory...