Monday, April 19, 2010

What's up with this Fans of Carmelo Anthony in Utah commercial?

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Ok, forget my last post that was all dreary and down about the Utah Jazz. Tonight's game against the Nuggets was awesome! They did great, especially D-Will.

Anyway, for anyone who has been watching the Jazz and Denver games, here in Utah at least, there is some commercial about support for him by "Melo's People of Utah." What the poo?! I actually think it's a pretty funny commercial, but it's darn weird, too. I want to figure out from where this thing is coming, and who made this commercial. Apparently Carmelo is one of those rare people who "can unite the people of the world." I'd post the video of it, but it will probably get taken off of youtube. Here's a link to it anyway.

So that's a weird commercial, but it made me laugh. (I actually wonder if it isn't just sarcastic... which it obviously is to some degree...I don't know what to think about it really.)

Anyway, I'm really excited for the Jazz, and now I think they can at least get past the Nuggets. Very exciting. We'll see how this goes down. Forget you, Melo's peeps of Utah, he's gonna lose!

Ok, g'night.

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  1. I haven't seen that ad yet! Truly bizarre. It's like when someone from Utah tells me that they are a Spurs or Lakers fan. I immediately think, "What the heck's wrong with you? You must have no moral fiber or character." You can only, in my opinion, choose a random team to root for if your home town/state has no team. Your only other option (if you decide to quit on a team) is to abandon the sport entirely. I will admit it, I usually quit on the Jazz once a season. But the good news is, I'm back! Here's to hoping and GO JAZZ!