Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Napping With Clever Mice About.

Broken empty trap
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Thought: Empty mouse-traps are kinda disconcerting. Especially when you discover them right next to the couch you're taking a nap on. Apparently the basement of USU's Old Main has a few clever rodents on the lam.

Thought: Trans fat doesn't horrify me like it probably definitely should. What does it do to me again? "Hmm, one gram of disgustingness with delicious food item surrounding it VS. no delicious food item. Who would ever pick the latter?!"

Thought: ?! -->The symbol formerly known as an interbang will now be known as a puzzled-shock mark! At least in my book. Books? Perhaps I'll write multiple books.

Thought: I'm kind of surprised that I have never heard anyone cleverly combine witty and literature into witterature. A brief googleage has revealed, however, that I'm not the first to think of this word.

Thought: Being in a building that blocks my cell phone coverage disturbs me a little, and yet I also feel very safe. "Well, if I can't be reached by cell phone coverage nowadays, nothing could reach me!"

Thought: Sometimes I think I've had a brilliant idea, and I rush to write it down. Often, upon rereading, it was mental vomit. Shucks.

Thought: The CIA thinks I'm important. This is a certain conclusion that anyone would reach based upon the fact that the same dude has been around at least two times I've awoken from a nap in the Old Main basement. It is CERTAIN!

Thought: It's about time that downside-up got as much playing time as upside-down.

Thought: I hate when I wave my hand at a bathroom sink or towel dispenser in vain.

Thought: A very funny joke would be to destroy all the outlets around campus that people use to charge their crud. And by funny I mean riot-inducing. Hmmm... upon rereading... mental vomit.

K, see ya.

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