Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10 Most Interesting Search Terms That Led To RAND-O-MANIA!!

I occasionally like perusing the random search keywords that bring people to my blog.  More than 40% of my 7,132 unique new visitors (since I started using Google Analytics on my blog in May 2009) are searching for "funny songs list" or some variation of that phrase.  However, there are a WIDE array of search terms that bring just one random visitor.  I'm going to sample a few of those to give you a taste of how confused search engines can get with the weird crap we put into them, and a taste of how weirded out I am that some search terms bring people to my blog.  Without further ado, the list, probably not really in any certain order, just the order I found them in:

#10:  "17-year-old hand bomb joshua tree"
Ok, I am sure that I have mentioned U2's album Joshua Tree about 3 dozen times on this blog, so that might make sense at least.  But isn't it odd that someone no doubt desperately searching for a 17-year-old who could blow up a joshua tree with a hand bomb for them could NOT find their way to said 17-year-old?!  These poor souls were directed to RAND-O-MANIA!! amiss.

#9:  "abraham lincoln calm down"
Wow.  Who was trying to give a dead president advice with their Google search?  This one struck me as funny when I read it, but after searching for this phrase I saw why they were directed to me, and I figure that they were trying to get to some "Whitest Kids U Know" video.

#8:  "arctic weirdness"
I definitely LOLed at this one.  As the first thing that popped up on my Google search of this term was something entitled "Hillary Clinton's awkward Canadian vacation," I have no clue what they were hunting for.  Hope RAND-O-MANIA!! helped in some way.

#7:  "bull dance tune gilmore"
Not nearly as weird as it first struck me.  I still don't get why they ended up at my blog, but this seems to refer to the "bull dance" that Happy Gilmore does when he's "Doin' the Bull Dance. Feelin' the flow. Workin' it."

#6:  "crappy haikus"
I'm HIGHLY offended that Google brought them to RAND-O-MANIA!! with that search phrase!  I'll have you all know that not one of the haikus on this blog are "crappy!"  Grrrr...

#5:  "funny songs on anger"
I told you there were variations of "funny songs list," but this has to be one of the funniest.  I hope that they're just trying to deal with said anger.  Calm down Abraham Lincoln!

#4:  "gum o mania"
Sounds so fun, chewy, and delicious!

#3:  "whofigured out lift is created by diffrences in air pressure"
Ya know, I don't know!  Does my blog have answers to questions like that?!  Perhaps there's much more wisdom in my writings than I thought!

#2:  "quietest midnight snack"
BRILLIANT!!!  When you figure out what it is, let me know.  Really though... how has no one used that as a marketing ploy for their food-stuffs.  ...k, see ya.

#1:  ""
I hear Fidel Castro is totally a regular of the mommy-blog community.

K, see ya later for real.

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