Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ya know, I think it's most appropriate to respond to a greeting of Howdy with something along the lines of "Doing well," or "Great!" Didn't it come from "How do you do?" and get shrunk (in classic American form) down to one word? That seems like it's right, but I'm too lazy to research it at this juncture. Anyway, just a random thought.

Also, it's pretty ridiculous that when replying in the affirmative to a text message I'll type in the exact same keys to say "Yes," but instead of accepting it when the prediction pulls it up, I put more effort into it and change it to "Yep." I just think saying yes instead of yeah, or yep is a little too formal for most text message convos. Just another random thought.

I feel pretty gross when my day consists of more than one fast food meal. It's going to happen fairly often with my job this summer probably. Gross.

And now ladies and gentlemen, for no apparent reason... Biz Markie.

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