Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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So, I decided today that I really really need to do some real workouts. I never play racquetball anymore, since it's not free here. And really all I was getting from that was a stronger right forearm (yes, my right arm is now bigger than my left, it's pretty funny), some cardio, and achy joints. So when I got home tonight I looked up a good whole-body work-out regimen and decided to give it a whirl tonight. Wow... I forgot that I hadn't had a real workout since... oh probably high school weights classes and I almost puked, and then almost passed out! It was nuts. I'm not saying it was a particularly intense workout as far as workouts go, but I'm just pointing out that my body hasn't been pushed very hard in YEARS. So I'm definitely going to keep it up and see if I can get any muscles on this body of skin and bones (and fat, from all those cookies.) One of the exercises included was the wood-chop as you see in the photo, but the one I did had two hands on the dumbbell and went all the way to the ankle. I need you all to cheer me on if I'm going to keep at this! (Of course, that would require that some of the few of you who read this actually comment once in a while! ;) ) Anyway, I know I'll ache tomorrow. K, bye!

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