Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pinnacle, Happy Gilmore and Wednesday Thoughts!

I am actually kind of enjoying the new Pinnacle job. This is the most recent in various telephone jobs I have had before, and it's definitely the best of them all. While there's not tons of variety, there is SOME. Which makes it superior to said previous jobs. I'm an account creation guy, so I answer phone calls from the poor salesmen and techs across the country and in Canada and create new customer accounts (data entry) and give them information they need. It's easy, and I answer six different types of phone calls, which is better than making the same out-bound phone call with the exact same script for 8 hours a day. (That was what the rest of my telephone jobs consisted of. Yeah, not great.) Anyway, I'm happy about it.

Sometimes I like getting drenched in the rain. Super random thought. It hasn't even happened recently, but there's something very pleasing about it that I can't really explain. I guess it's just the child in me that enjoys being completely drenched... cool, huh? Am I alone in this?

"Doing the bull-dance, feeling the flow, workin' it, workin' it." I'm just watching Happy Gilmore and enjoying it. It's odd that of all the Adam Sandler movies Happy Gilmore is the one I own. It's definitely not my favorite, although it is making me laugh at the moment. Anyway, yeah, that's all. Bye.

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