Thursday, May 7, 2009

Slightly Belated Wednesday Thoughts...

I'd probably be ok if there weren't any more weddings for a while. I enjoyed Nate's wedding today a great deal. However, I wouldn't mind if there weren't any more weddings for the rest of the summer. They're pretty long events. I like them, and I like celebrating them, but not for as long as is generally necessary. I should make an amendment to the previous statements that I don't mind if weddings go on in the next while, just not weddings that I'm a part of.

The LSAT is going to be quite difficult. I know that isn't really a new thought to anyone, but preparing to take it in June is kicking my mind's butt right now. My mind is all sorts of tuckered out! It really kind of scares me back into thinking that I'm not going to be good at all of this, however, I am quite encouraged by my first 4.0 in college that I got this last semester! Woot! My curse of getting one A- each semester is finally broken! Double woot!

Window-tinting is valuable in facilitating a more comfortable atmosphere in a motor vehicle. Translation: GREGORY IS WAY TOO HOT NOW!!! I never realized how much the tinting on my car's windows reduced the heat inside until the tinting was gone. Oh well, cest la vie! What with spending all that money to get my car registered and buying LSAT prep stuff, I certainly cannot afford to get new legal tint on my windows. I'll live. I'll just complain more, but I'll live. :)

RANDOM: Inspired by a list that Taren saw on a Sonic Restaurant sign, here's a "Sonic-Style List" of EXCLAMATIONS THAT WILL LAST THE AGES:
Egad! Awesome! Oh! Wow! Zounds! Kumquat?!

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