Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's kind of funny how it's the time of year that I've been CRAVING for so long, and yet it's most redeeming quality doesn't seem too available. I LOVE getting done with school for the summer because usually my stress just melts away and I have extra time to kill in whatever non-productive way I deem fit. However, this year, I've BEEN SO BUSY! I got all moved home last Thursday and then had Anthony's wedding all day Friday. Saturday I started getting my car registered, while I passed the emissions, I failed the safety test due to my windows being tinted, and then there was Nate's bachelor party, Sunday was fairly normal, yesterday I tried to get my tinting removed but had to set an appointment for today, mowed the lawn, tried to find a job, finally cleaned all my stuff and officially moved in to my room, and saw a movie. (Ok, I realize that this all isn't all THAT bad... but I'm getting to a point... somewhere along the line here...) Today I had to go remove the tinting from my car windows that kept me from passing my safety inspection on Saturday, I had to go actually finish getting my car registered, I bought LSAT prep stuff, tried to find a job (even my backup jobs aren't really working out at this point...), cleaned my car, fixed my mom's toilet, etc. SO the whole point of that meaningless rant was to say sorry for not writing on my blog! (That may sound dumb to my handful of followers, but alas, I was chewed-out for not writing enough tonight!) So, Jenny, I'm writing! I think I'll spice this entry up by making this another FILE-DIVING ADVENTURE!!! Here we go.......

OH WOW! I just found the WEIRDEST poem that I had to have written when unable to sleep or on some sort of drowsiness-causing medicine... umm... I can't believe I'm letting people know that I wrote such a psycho poem, but here you go. Here's a poem entitled "Find Your Period and Cease":

No one knows what me.
Somehow I don’t really think I know me.
One knows me, but I don’t.
My thinking drives all around,
But never really arrives.
Where do I go?
What should I do?
When will I?
Sleep only fades out one day,
Awake fades in another.
What will happen?
Yes, no. What are the answers.
Up down. What direction.
Never, forever. I’m lost.
Am I good?
Am I bad?
Am I important?
Am I empty?
Am I valuable?
Am I worthless?
Am I worth one?
Am I worth none?
No one knows what me.
One knows me, but I don’t.

Choose your own mystery.
Pick your story.
Where will you go?
Where are you going?
Are you ready?
Be prepared.
Are you good?
You wish for a star to fly past.
Your life has a cast,
And you’re the hero.
That’s what they tell you.
But what hero?
Can you tell?
Break it down to you.
You’re just a question.
Find your period and cease.
You’re not the same.
You can’t.
You won’t.
You will.
You can.
Pick your story.
Find your period and cease.

Well, there ya go. Uh, yeah... please don't stop being my friend! :) JK. See, Jeff's File-Diving Adventures can indeed be ADVENTUROUS!!!

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