Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As you may have noticed (but I seriously doubt you did) I've added all of the posts from my former blogs: Random Combos (which was just pictures concocted on Photoshop) and Tiny Observations (which was exactly what the title says). Those blogs no longer really exist, but now the posts are available in the archive of this blog. Of course, I'll probably at times use their styles on this blog, but possibly not. Anyway, I've also added polls to this blog, but more importantly, I've started a NEW blog! It's awesome. It's only RANDOM polls. So I'll probably encourage you to go there whenever I come up with polls I'm proud of. You really should CHECK IT OUT! It's called Just Ridiculous Polls! It has already attracted attention from other states! (Ok, only 1, but Washington is pretty far away!) I'm especially proud of the poll about The Beatles. Anyway, follow that blog, follow this blog, you're awesome. The end... k bye.

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