Friday, June 19, 2009

ALBUM REVIEWS (3 of 4): "A New Tide" by Gomez

Bonnaroo 09 Gomez Band
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Gomez is a newer favorite of mine. I now own both this latest album and the previous album called "How We Operate." I think this album may become on an equal level with "How We Operate" if I give it enough time. However, for now it doesn't quite match up to me. It is a quality album from a band that I think will be among my favorites for years to come. There are quite a few songs that I've been impressed with since buying this new Gomez album. His voice can bother me in some songs, but for the most part I really enjoy this band. They're generally unafraid to use interesting and different sounds within their rock music. The absolute best song on this album to me is "Little Pieces." I love it. Other stand-outs include "Mix" and "Airstream Driver" which is really fun. One song that I recommend skipping is "Engine." His voice BUGS, and I just don't like the song. Anyway, this is a band that deserves to be noticed. If you're just starting with them though get "How We Operate" first. This one is worth getting for sure if you enjoy "How We Operate." I'd give it a 7/10 on this arbitrary rating system I've invented.

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