Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness/Exercise Update/and Just Jeff...

Rat races
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So I am not going to accept anyone mocking me for actually missing Wednesday by a couple hours for my planned Wednesday Weirdness, but I'm calling it that ANYWAY! The BBC is reporting that rats understand the concept of gambling. Apparently they've discovered rat casinos under Las Vegas. No, but really, there was a study on rats where they could win big or small if they sniffed around different holes(the rat version of slots?) of four different holes. (They're gambling with food.) But they would also lose big on the same holes that paid out big, and they'd lose small on the same holes that paid out small. The rats over the time of the experiment apparently understood that they'd get more by taking their chances with the holes that had smaller payouts and punishments. So rats get gambling. They understand it. They get that they should not risk their food supply foolishly. Hmm... why don't PEOPLE GET IT?!! Actually, the article continued to explain that for people who've had damage to their frontal lobe or something like that they don't stop going for the risks that have higher payouts and very high losses. Apparently a healthy portion of the human race have damage to their frontal lobes because Vegas is quite the thriving city. Anyway, that's Wednesday Weirdness.

I'm still exercising! Woot. It's been 4 weeks now. While I'm actually a bit heavier than I was when I started, I think it's actually muscle weight. (Audible gasp!) I've been measuring my arms and I've actually added an inch to my biceps/triceps. Cool, eh? Not really, it just means that they're active for the first time in their lives! While I'm proud of muscle gains, I haven't lost fat. Why? I still eat junk. Yes, junk. I dig through the trash. No, but I might as well be with how unhealthy the stuff is that I eat usually. I need to eat better. Less fat. Yup.

Hi. I'm just Jeff. I seriously love "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I could watch this show for days on end. I always watch the re-runs on ABC Family. Anyway... I had a great day. I finally got to play racquetball again. My Georgia Atlanta Mission friend just moved up here from Arizona and he and I went to play. It was fun. I lost of course, but I'm the kind of person that can still have loads of fun even when I lose. K bye.

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