Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Imagine Dragons
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(In no particular order) Favorite Thing #1: Discovering a new band that I really enjoy. My most recent band is especially cool because they're local. Even more than discovering a new band that is signed to some big label, I really love finding a band that hasn't quite taken off yet. A couple guys from my high school and some others started a great band some time ago called IMAGINE DRAGONS. I've known about the band for quite a while, but never heard their music until today when I checked out their MySpace page. It's good stuff! It complements my new-found appreciation for The Killers very well, as they're somewhat comparable to the sound of the Killers. This group has a great sound, and I'm excited to get their new EP that they're apparently working on in Las Vegas this summer. They are apparently a big hit around campus at Brigham Young University. Fun stuff. I hope I get to see them live sometime. Anyway, check out the songs on their MySpace, it's good stuff.

Favorite Thing #2: Gandolfo's breakfast sandwiches. The Gandolfo's New York-style Deli brings me a lot of joy whenever I have the blessing to pass through their doors. I know it sounds crazy to speak so dramatically about a sandwich joint, but wow... I LOVE IT! I'm 90% sure that I'm going to head out the door right after writing this and grab an Upstate sandwich. (At my Gandolfo's here in town they serve breakfast until 6 pm! WOOT!)

Favorite Thing #3: Days off. I love finally having time to do things that I need/want to do. And plenty of time to just relax, too. Not that my job is super strenuous, but I'm sure everyone agrees with me that Days off are a good thing. I'm enjoying mine right now. Now I'm going to stop wasting it and go get a Favorite Thing #2! Woohoo!

Um... k, see ya.


  1. i find my new bands through disney channel... k, see ya!

  2. Wow. Ask and ye shall receive.