Tuesday, June 16, 2009

British Airways, work there for free?!

British Airways
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Wow, I thought I'd heard it all with the recession going on. But apparently British Airways has launched a program that asked its employees to work for free! The employees apparently have been asked to volunteer to take unpaid leave for a week or a month, OR to actually work unpaid for a week or a month! The great thing about this story to me is that the CEO is actually walking the talk and has volunteered to give up his 61,000 pound month's pay while still working. (If this all happened in America I have the feeling CEO's wouldn't give up their own salary. In fact, they'd probably use the savings to pay for a big spa retreat for the top employees!) Obviously many of the employees at British Airways are not enthused about the program, but there are many who agreed to the program because having a job a month from now seems a better solution than taking a week or month's worth of pay now. Anyway, it just surprises me what crazy things companies are reduced to these days. With things like this going on, I'm shocked that I even have a job. I'll count it a great blessing though!

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