Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digitisation and Its Asian Discontents

About the title of this post, ya see, I couldn't decide what to name this post. You know how the computer will predict what you're going to type when you're filling in a search box, or in this case, a title box? I typed a D and that title popped up. Apparently my computer remembers that from when I wrote my paper on censorship in China for my Chinese History class this last semester. Anyway...

Now that the LSAT is done for me for the next few months at least, I don't really know what to do with my free time. It's odd. Oh well. Any great suggestions?

Perhaps I'll actually read books? I really need to. I'm half-way through three of the books sitting on a desk in my bedroom right now. It's summer, so there's nothing on TV. Of course, I AM watching the NBA finals right now. But they won't last long. If the Magic lose this game though I'm going to be very upset. I really want the Magic to win the championship. Haha, I think most people east of California feel that way. Ya know, I really do think Kobe Bryant is an incredible player. He gets a LOT of crap. I don't hate him, but he's just not as easy to like as other players. I think if Dwight Howard wasn't on the team facing the Lakers right now I wouldn't like him nearly as much either. Fishing! The only problem with fishing is that I work in the evening, and that's when I'd want to go. My one day off a week is usually very jam-packed with things I want to get done. Oh well, I need to find a way to get fishing in. There is Racquetball, but that could get expensive, and Spencer is gone a lot. I guess I do have quite a few options!

Hmm, interesting, they're just talking about how an estimated 300 million people in China play basketball, and how it's getting really popular. Craziness! That's the population of the U.S.! And that's just a "growing" sport in China. Well, I'm done rambling.

K, bye.

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  1. What does digitisation have to do with your Chinese history class? And shouldn't it be spelled digitization? And at first I thought it was digestation and how the whole system was problematic because of the LSAT. Anyway, I do have some book suggestions.