Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeff's Revamped Top 100 Favorite Songs List

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I know it might seem that this is an intense undertaking, but actually I've already compiled my list of my top 100 favorite songs, so this is just a revamped version of the list I made in February of this year. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the list...

1. "One" U2
2. "Hang On" Guster
3. "War Was In Color " Carbon Leaf
4. "Running To Stand Still" U2
5. "Where Are You Going" Dave Matthews Band
6. "Falling " Ben Kweller
7. "Square One" Coldplay
8. "Brick" Ben Folds Five
9. "Writing To Reach You" Travis
10. "Diane" Guster
11. "With Or Without You" U2
12. "We Both Go Down Together" The Decemberists
13. "Needs" Collective Soul
14. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Simon & Garfunkel
15. "Call And Answer" Barenaked Ladies
16. "Title And Registration" Death Cab For Cutie
17. "The Space Between" Dave Matthews Band
18. "None of the Above" The Weakerthans
19. "A Long December" Counting Crows
20. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" U2
21. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" Death Cab For Cutie
22. "Every Breath You Take" The Police
23. "Sundress" Ben Kweller
24. "You're a Wolf" Sea Wolf
25. "Such Great Heights" The Postal Service
26. "Side" Travis
27. "Hummingbird" Wilco
28. "The Distance" Cake
29. "Telling Lies" Great Northern
30. "Butterflies & Hurricanes" Muse
31. "Left & Leaving" The Weakerthans
32. "Bad" U2
33. "For What It's Worth" Buffalo Springfield
34. "The Group Who Couldn't Say" Grandaddy
35. "Strange Condition" Pete Yorn
36. "Ugly Love" Eels
37. "Anecdote" Ambulance LTD
38. "Somewhere Only We Know " Keane
39. "Paper Bag" Dear & The Headlights
40. "Losing My Religion" R.E.M.
41. "Don't Panic" Coldplay
42. "My Eyes" Travis
43. "Pride" U2
44. "Plea From A Cat Named Virtute" The Weakerthans
45. "The Crane Wife 1 & 2 " The Decemberists
46. "Viva La Vida" Coldplay
47. "Fruit Fly" Nada Surf
48. "Theologians" Wilco
49. "Come Downstairs and Say Hello " Guster
50. "Run" Collective Soul
51. "Silent Sigh" Badly Drawn Boy
52. "Just Another" Pete Yorn
53. "Amsterdam" Guster
54. "Trouble" Coldplay
55. "Dime" Cake
56. "How It Should Be (sha sha)" Ben Kweller
57. "Run" Snow Patrol
58. "Don't Wake Me Up" The Hush Sound
59. "What About Everything?" Carbon Leaf
60. "Honey Don't Think" Grant Lee Buffalo
61. "Wonderwall" Oasis
62. "Fa Fa" Guster
63. "Expo '86" Death Cab For Cutie
64. "Under The Bridge" Red Hot Chilli Peppers
65. "O Valencia!" The Decemberists
66. "Concrete Bed" Nada Surf
67. "Now It's On" Grandaddy
68. "Extreme Ways" Moby
69. "Halloween" Matt Pond PA
70. "Somebody More Like You" Nickel Creek
71. "How We Operate" Gomez
72. "Burrito" Pete Yorn
73. "The Cold Side Of The Pillow" Halfpenny Marvel
74. "Life Is Wonderful" Jason Mraz
75. "The Cold, the Dark & the Silence" Sea Wolf
76. "Race To The City" The Cinematics
77. "Beautiful" Borne
78. "The Sound Of Settling" Death Cab For Cutie
79. "Starlight" Muse
80. "Closer" Travis
81. "24" Jem
82. "Inaudible Melodies" Jack Johnson
83. "One Headlight" The Wallflowers
84. "The Crane Wife 3" The Decemberists
85. "Cut Down Sideways" Fair
86. "Buildings & Mountains" The Republic Tigers
87. "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake" Grandaddy
88. "The Comeback" Shout Out Louds
89. "Nice Guy" Starflyer 59
90."Black Balloon" Goo Goo Dolls
91. "Lost!" Coldplay
92. "Don't Cry Out" Shiny Toy Guns
93. "Hitchhiker" Teitur
94. "Quicksand" Travis
95. "Beautiful Day" U2
96. "Promise the Bite" Matt Pond PA
97. "See These Bones" Nada Surf
98. "Personal" Stars
99. "Wildcat" Ratatat
100. "Accidental Deth" Rilo Kiley

I didn't change much of anything from my February list except for the last dozen or so. Perhaps my music isn't your cup of tea, but I think this is a kick-trash consortium of tunes. I hope that you'll find something you love on my list of faves of all-time. Enjoy! K... bye.

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  1. They need more albums like Classics. LP3 wasn't quite as good, but I do really like the song "Shempi."