Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts on videos of the violence and protests in Iran...

I'm always having those moments that are serious reality checks. (Because I generally go right back to worrying about my minor troubles.) I have been watching a lot of CNN's coverage of the protests in Iran and the turmoil over their recent election. (Haha, really bad time for this, but my foot just fell asleep, in a bad way.) Anyway, there are so many dramatic videos that have been captured there on people's cell phones and put on all these social networking sites that we have these days. It's very sobering to see them. I'm so grateful for my country. I really am. So many nations across the world claim to give their people their human rights, but restrict them in so many ways. While the U.S. has issues, it's a wonderful place to be. I count it as a serious blessing to have so many freedoms here. I'm glad that we have so many checks and balances here, it really does a lot to lessen the corruption. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a country where my vote in an important election vanished.
Anyway, I'm glad that the social networking sites (that are destroying the social abilities of our society) can provide a GREAT outlet for the people in Iran to show what is really going on. They DO serve a good purpose! (JK) Normally, It's hard when every video you see usually has been filtered through media outlets. When things are put on social networking sites and YouTube it's coming straight from the people themselves. Information travels so differently nowadays. It can be very raw and real. I think it can be an effective utility for democracy. I hope it can be used more and more to help people like these protestors in Iran to acheive more freedom.
Meanwhile, I'm here whining about my boring job, my inabilities in blogging, and even my lack of a girlfriend! It's amazing the dramatic contrast between the lives of individuals on this earth. It's funny that I blog. I don't know why I think there's anyone out there that sees any great reason to hang on my every word. I guess I'm glad if I can at least evoke the occasional chuckle, or encourage at least one person to look at things differently.
Blablabla, there's enough of this blabla in cyberspace. I guess my point in all of this, is that if you haven't seen it, you should watch some of the footage of Iran and count whatever blessings you have as demonstrated by that footage. The end. K, bye.
Here's one that I watched...

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