Monday, June 8, 2009

LSAT, done.

Hahaha, I know it's kind of morbid, but this picture made me laugh. I don't feel that I was bludgeoned by the LSAT or anything, but I do feel quite brain dead. It took 5 hours. 5! I thought there were only 4 multiple choice sections and the writing section, each 35 mins. But apparently now there are 5 multiple choice sections! Ugh. It was long. *EDIT: I just found out that one of the five sections is actually an experimental section that is unscored. The fifth section of the LSAT is apparently there to test out possible future types of questions.*

I was able to make a couple interesting observations amidst my test taking though. I was reminded of when I did Sterling Scholar in high school. When we went to the regional Sterling Scholar interviews there were all sorts of dorks that were using intimidation tactics to try and fluster the other people. Like the dude that started asking me and the other social studies people which court case was our favorite. He then proceeded to give a detailed outline of Marbury vs. Madison. Dork. Anyway, today some dude was strutting around during the break saying, "Dude, I'm slaying this thing!" Dork.
There was also a kid that reminded me of elementary school. When the teacher asked the class to read something in class there were always those kids that wanted to show off how fast they read by getting to the page turn as fast as possible and turning the page with the most conspicuous and loud flip as they could muster. I sat next to that kid, all grown up today. He turned his pages SO loud. Dork.

I'm kind of jerk today. Haha, oh well.

As for how I feel score-wise, I think I did about as well as I have on most of my practices, but not better. It's hard to know though, because I've only done practices that had the 4 sections instead of the 5. Gotta wait three weeks, then I'll know how it went. Ugh.

I can be happy though. IT'S DONE! Nice. K... bye.

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