Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interesting day...

Billboard at Night
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I just drove home a while ago and noticed something I've never seen before. You know it's very late at night when advertisers have given up and they turn off the lights to their billboards! There were probably only two of them with lights on. Apparently the late-night crowd isn't worth their light. I felt a little worthless, but don't you fret, because the next random thing I saw cheered me right up. I was going down a road that is a major road in town, and my attention was drawn to a small blue light flashing very close to the road about a hundred yards ahead of me. As my headlights got closer I realized that it was some dude sitting cross-legged on a long board just cruising down the road while holding the light. It was weird, but it made me laugh.

Anyway, today was my day off, and I had a bunch of stuff that I needed to get done. I got a lot of it done, but I still never studied for the LSAT. That's not good. I was supposed to at least do a practice test, but I didn't. Ugh. Instead tonight I went and hiked to the big Y on the mountain by BYU. AWESOME!!! Ok, it wasn't amazing, but I did really enjoy the view. And we did it just after sunset so it was nice and cool. It's a very steep hike. I enjoyed going up there with a bunch o' friends. Fun stuff.

Random: I know I'm officially on the "rapidly balding" side of things because usually if I joke about being bald with people cutting my hair they'll say, "Oh, you're not bald." However, today the girl cutting my hair asked if I wanted "product" in my hair (I hate that they call it that, it sounds so unnatural), and then grabbed some pomade and put it in my hair and said, "This stuff is really nice because it shapes the individual hairs instead of clumping them together. It really makes your hair look more full and thick." I responded, "Oh, because I NEED that!" She laughed. There ya go. I'm bald. As much as I complain about it though, I'm really ok with it. It happens. I just have to joke about it to cope with the fact that my hair is disappearing. So for all of you that get to see me, enjoy it while it lasts!

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