Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, see ya./Wednesday Weirdness

Wednesday Weirdness: A Zambian leader was giving a press conference outdoors and was greeted in a rather unfriendly manner by a monkey in a tree above him. (The BBC has the footage here.) The poor guy got peed on by a monkey. He seems pretty awesome though, because he just laughed and joked about it. Rock on, dude.

My good friends Andy and Ty introduced me to a phrase that can be used in awkward situations that I think is hilarious. If ever they say something and whoever their audience is doesn't really respond or clearly isn't interested, they say, "K, see ya." (This is why many of my posts end in that phrase.)
Today at work I had just gotten there and I was next to one of my supervisors when another supervisor leaned over to say something to her and when she didn't respond he said "K, see ya," and went back to work at his desk. I laughed and said, "You use 'K, see ya,' too? My friends and I use it all the time," assuming that he knew that he'd used it for an awkward situation that I had noticed. He didn't respond to me at all, and I, feeling like a moron, said, "K, see ya."
As if that wasn't enough proof that I occasionally (haha) lack social ability: I was on break today and I was alone in the break room. Just as a girl that I didn't notice came into the break room I said something to myself! She looked at me and smirked and I quickly started humming a song trying to pretend that that had been what I was doing. This all happened within a couple seconds so I think it actually worked, but I still felt like such an idiot for having been talking to myself. Wow, I'm special.


  1. Don't feel bad -- I always talk to myself haha I just have to warn new coworkers so they know what to expect :) Random comment I know, but I found your blog on Julianna's and thought I'd say hi.

  2. Thanks for visiting! Yeah, I might need to start wearing a shirt with a disclaimer: *The person contained in this shirt will cause awkwardness or weirdness.*