Monday, June 29, 2009

Tennis. Oh, tennis.

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I'm a big fan of professional tennis. I don't really know what it is, but it's awesome to me. I think I just like the personalities that you get with tennis. And they're always pretty classy. Not to say that they're never cocky, but they are reservedly cocky. They won't boast too much. They're classy folks! Roger Federer is a great example. He's very confident in his interviews (and why not, he's won as many majors as anyone ever has,) but he's always very gracious and shows great respect for his opponents. That's incredibly impressive for someone who's arguably the best in his sport. The Williams sisters are the exact same way. Confident, but classy. I know all of these players might be jerks off the court and away from cameras, but at least they stay good examples when in the public eye.
Wimbledon is going on right now. I love it. However, I haven't watched any of it this year! It's killing me. But it's on live at 7am. That's an awkward time for me. The only way I'd ever see 7am is if I came at it from the night end. I don't get up that early. Haha, I have sleep issues. For sure. I've just been watching all the updates and the highlights on ESPN. It's really exciting to me. I really hope that Roger Federer wins. I wouldn't mind if Andy Roddick could win. He's always in the tourneys pretty deep, but has only won one major. (Random, I just flipped the channel to the classic movie channel and the old King Kong movie was on. Wow, that's some pretty AMAZING stuff. Anyway...) I can't decide which Williams sister will win. I like both of them, and I'm pretty positive one of them will win. Although, I think it would be cool if Dinara Safina could get her first major.
The point: I really love watching tennis. You should, too. It's a classy sport. The end. K, see ya.

P.S. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are the two best male players in the world right now, and here's footage from just one of their many incredible meetings.

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