Thursday, June 11, 2009

Antsy boredom causes diary entry freedom...

I'm super bored at work today. I've only taken two calls thus far and I've been here more than a half hour. It's a little nuts. To pass the time I've been writing sentences whose words each start with the consecutive letters of the alphabet (A,b,c...), and I tried to make it flow... but it didn't work beyond even one sentence. Here's what I have so far:
"Arg. By coming down 'ere for good, Harry is just knowing Leslie might not offer popcorn. 'Quit raising sales taxes!" Ulysses vomitted. Wendy x-rayed Yancey's zebra. After baking cookies daily, Ella freely gave, happily. I just know letting Mark navigate only promulgates quite ridiculous sales threats under 'very white xylophones.' You zealot! Already bored. Can't dance extra frequently. Gary hates it. Justice knows liberation's most needed. Only parties quickly resolve, sadly. 'Thomas underestimated very wildly!' Xzibit yelled zealously."

There's three times through the alphabet. I'm done with that. It's SERIOUSLY slow at work today though. Oh well! Well, that's about it. OH! I just realized that I never did Wednesday Thoughts again... I'm afraid that missing two weeks in a row might have killed Wednesday Thoughts. Hmm... perhaps I need a new Wednesday tradition as this entire blog is mostly about my thoughts. Any ideas? Wednesday Poetry? Wednesday Web-search? OOH! Wednesday WEIRDNESS! I'll find weird news articles! Boom. There's the idea. Ok... next wednesday I'll do it for sure. K bye.

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  1. Yeah, I just never grab a book before I leave.